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Is Today's Technology a Modern Day Lotus?

Greek Mythology speaks of Odysseus and his crew being Lotusblown off course and landing where the natives consumed lotus fruits and flowers.  The food was narcotic and addictive and caused the Greek Feeteaters to fall asleep and become apathetic!  To rescue his crew members, Odysseus had to have them forcefully removed and tied to their ship to get them to leave!

Now flash forward about 3000 years, and perhaps the lotus has returned with today's technology carrying the banner. 

TelevisionUsed to be TV was solely blamed for our couch potato state.  Now, Smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Farmville, Foursquare, Mafia Wars,video games, websites by the tens of thousands, you get the drift?  And we fully recognize that this same media is our outlet for communicating this message!  And I'll plead Guilty to Crackberryconstantly checking my email on the Crackberry, the ballscores on the laptop, checking in on old friends on Facebook that otherwise wouldn't still be a part of my life with thousands of miles separating us.

The question at hand?  Is this technology a good thing or a bad thing?
Technology has revolutionized much of our daily lives! 

Real estate has changed radically and will CONTINUE to evolve.  No more going to the office to look at a printed book... Yes, Virginia, that's how it used to be done!  Now, a couple of clicks and it's like you're standing inside the home! 

And shopping?  The world is at your fingertips!  And walking into a store and making a large purchase just off the sales rep input?  Probably not happening anymore.  Reading reviews, looking for discounts, it's ingrained behavior now!

On the other hand, technology can be abused.  The couple sitting in the restaurant, both on the phone talking to someone else.  HELLO???  The father who plays his Xbox for hours on end, while his young son doesn't know how to play catch.  Cat's in the Cradle ring a bell Pop??  Then there's the whole cell phone or texting while driving, the list goes on and on.

Our feeling, in moderation, the use of technology to improve our lives is a great thing!

How do you feel about it?

Hope you're having a great week!
Liz and Bill aka BLiz

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