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Our Lives Need More Than Just Work & Real Estate!

25/8, 366,  year after year.  Yep, We're NEVER not breathin', livin' real estate machines.  We make Ahnold and the Terminator gang look like wimps!  Just try and keep up with us!

But that's not real is it??  We've got to have a life of our own, as hard as it may sometimes feel to scratch out that little bit of personal time needed to recharge!

You've got to set some boundaries, or every waking moment will be devoured and you'll never have that time to reset your mental meter back to Serene!  Our clients know Sunday mornings are off limits, after church we'll be available, but until then, the phone calls and emails can wait. But you've got to find other times for yourself, your family, your friends!
Cutting the Cake
Recently, we've squeezed in a little extra R&R time without detriment to our business.  Liz's brother got married in Maryland the last weekend of July, so we made a quick trip out and back for the wedding and reception.  The return trip driving observations were the genesis of Miss Bad Manners!

Liz's mother, sister and nephew visited that following week, so off to Newport Aquarium for the day.  For those who haven't been here, Newport Aquariumperhaps the best views of Cincinnati are actually from across the river on the  Cincinnati from Newport on the LeveeKentucky shoreline!








Sunday before last, we went to the theater to watch Inception.  Really enjoyed it and would recommend if you haven't already seen it!

We'll admit, sometimes that Redbox rental sits on the table for 3 days before we get the time to watch it, but our priority is to meeting our commitments to our clients first.  Get our listings fully marketed, emails responded to, phone calls returned (before 9 pm at the latest), then if the evening schedule allows, press PLAY!

Hope you're managing to squeeze in whatever time you need

Somewhere over Canada

to recharge, and not just waiting for that week long vacation! 


Get the bits and pieces you enjoy and you'll be in better condition to deal with the rest! Stop and smell the flowers! Smell that?


So what do you do to recharge?



Hope you're having a fantastic week!
Liz and Bill

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Our Lives Need More Than Just Work & Real Estate!
25/8, 366, year after year. Yep, We're NEVER not breathin', livin' real estate machines. We make Ahnold and the Terminator gang look like wimps! Just try and keep up with us! But that's not real is it?? We've got to have a life of our own, as… more
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