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Who We Are, Part 1, An Engineer's Story

Yesterday we posted http://activerain.com/blogsview/1731400/who-are-you- asking for the ActiveRain Members to do more in their blog posts than just post News copy/pastes and listings.  Well, it wouldn't be fair to ask for that, and not open up ourselves a bit more, so here's Part 1, Bill's Story!

Hello, I'm Bill and I'm an Engineer/Realtor.  I know it's an unusual combination, and I know engineers scare some agents!  (But here's the secret, just show us the data, don't try to song and dance us with some glitzy, fluffy presentation and you'll be fine!)

I'm a mutt.  I can't claim any specific heritage.  I won't be marching in any parades and I like just about any kind of food (except tofu... hopefully there's no Anti-Tofu Defamation league).  There's American Indian on both sides of the family, some French, some German and I don't even begin to know what else.

My dad's from Alabama, joined the Army, met my mom in West Virginia and married her almost 50 years ago.  They're now retired and loving life in eastern West Virginia no more than 20 miles from my mom's birthplace.  Just a stone's throw from Snowshoe ski resort and Cass Scenic Railroad.

We were nomads growing up.  My dad left the Army when I was about five, then became an office manager for a construction company.  I was born in Alaska (1963), my brother in Okinawa (1965) and my sister in Maryland (1970), so we couldn't have made a much bigger geographical triangle if my parents had tried.  I've lived in every coastal state from Maryland all the way to Texas with the exception of Georgia and Mississippi, but was fortunate enough for us to settle down in Leesville, Louisiana from 6th grade to just after high school graduation.  I've also lived in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

I've been an Atlanta Braves fan all my life, root for the Cowboys, the San Antonio Spurs (thanks to The Admiral David Robinson) and the Washington Capitals.  I'm also a soccer nut, playing goalie for almost 30 years until hitting the IR list this year thanks to an injured throwing shoulder.  That's me in the tie dye shirt... strikers, aim for the spot in the middle!

Raised to believe you're responsible for your own actions (so my leanings are more Republican than Democrat, although frankly both parties tick me off on a regular basis).  I DON'T watch nor listen to any of the TV/Radio Voices who suppose they're worthy of telling me what I should think and who I should vote for.  Reagan was my favorite President and not just because he was my Commander-in-Chief.

I'm a Christian.  Liz and I are members of Christ's Church of Mason.  It's a large non-denominational church with great outreach programs including building homes for Habitat for Humanity. 

As a Southern male, it was almost mandatory for me to join the military.  I'm ex-Navy and respect anyone who served their country.  There's a brotherhood there that's difficult to explain, but I find honor and common beliefs that establish a bond.  Most of my best friends have served.  I graduated from Annapolis in 1985 with a B.S. in Marine Engineering.  The major doesn't exist there any more, but for all intents, it's a specialized Mechanical Engineering degree.  I served six years as a surface warfare officer on two frigates, USS Garcia FF1040 and USS Taylor FFG50.  The Taylor was in the Persian Gulf when Saddam decided he liked Kuwait enough to take it for himself.  We went to the Gulf thinking the Iranians were the threat.  I learned in the Navy both what does and doesn't make a good leader.  I worked for both ends of the spectrum.

While in the Navy I traveled quite a bit.  I've seen history in Europe that reminds me just how much America is still a young pup on the historical map.  I've seen poverty up close and know that many of what we consider poor here would seem like millionaires there.  I believe all Americans should get out of the country and see some of the world, and I'm not just talking about going to Cabo.  Find out we're not the center of the universe, but that we should be prepared to go help when needed.  America's is a great country, but understanding other's perspectives is needed.  One of my best friend's is from Ghana, and always interesting to have a conversation with him about world politics!

Left the Navy in 1991 and came to the Cincinnati area for a job with a Johnson and Johnson company.  I've been here 19+ years, mostly in production leadership or support roles.  I've seen all our manufacturing at my company leave here and go to Mexico or outside suppliers.  Despite that, it's still a great company to work for and I don't plan quitting to become a FULL full time Realtor.  I put in enough hours that I consider real estate my 2nd full time job.

Liz and I were married 10 days after I graduated from Annapolis.  We just passed our 25 year anniversary and I'm grateful that she's been able to tolerate me for this long!  It hasn't always been easy for her and I know that.  I'm stubborn and not often emotionally emphatic.  I can fix things though! Joining her in real estate in 2004 has actually been a fantastic change agent for me.  I'm more outgoing (although I still hate small talk & parties).  Want to torture me?  Put me on a bus that is filled with sales reps!   My sense of humor is reserved more for my friends than total strangers.

I like the tech side of real estate, and I enjoy helping people find or sell their home.  We'll save the why The Liz Spear Team makes a great team for our clients  for another blog!

Okay, you've got the Cliff notes version of who I am.  I know this is really long for a blog, so I'll sign off now!
Hope you have another glorious day!

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