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Let Me Out Warden!!!!

El Jefe The Chihuahua


El Jefe the Chihuahua was tried and convicted today of being a dirty dog.

El Jefe had pled nolo contendere and Judge Liz showed some mercy, sentencing him to a bath and some time in a crate on the deck to let the warm afternoon sun dry his fur.

But like any convict, El Jefe wanted a shortened sentence!  He's mastered the "big eyes" technique that Puss uses in the Shrek movies :) 

He puts his paws on the bars, pushes his ears back and opens his eyes wide and gives you that "Let me out warden" look :)

It's all part of the routine in our home and comes with the territory when you have massive numbers of furry ones living with you.

Today wasn't a big real estate day, leading off with Bunny the Chihuahua and her humans heading down to University of Cincinnati Hospital to get recertified as a therapy dog.  Bunny loves to help people, so visiting the VA Hospitals, senior citizens in tetirement homes and patients in hospice is part of her weekly routine.

After we returned, Liz saw a gap in our schedule so off to the dog washing station downstairs to bathe Bunny, El Jefe, Tido and Kati.

Taking care of our furry ones (4 Chihuahuas and 16 cats) is a big part of our household routine.  While we're not "officially" a pet shelter and don't have non-profit status, we might as well be.  It takes selling a few houses a year just to keep those critters in the best food and vet care.  And they're worth it :)

Need a real estate team that understands what it is to be the people mommy and people daddy?  Give us a call at 513-520-5305 or email Liz@LizSpear.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Let Me Out Warden!!!!
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