Warren County Ohio Real Estate News and Observations: October 2016

6 Ways To Make Your Buyer's Agent Love You!

Are you ready to buy a house?  Whether you're a first time buyer or an experienced buyer, there are some ground rules that will contribute to a great working relationship!

1.  Stay loyal.   If we're doing our job for you, stick with us and ONLY us.  You ONLY need one agent/team working for you.  And if we're NOT doing the job for you, you have every right and SHOULD fire us.  But otherwise, the only way an agent gets paid to is to successfully guide you through the process all the way to the closing table.  If we are not the agent that writes the offer and gets you all the way to SOLD, we worked for free.  Doesn't matter if we showed you 1 home or 100, we worked for free. 

2.  Decide new construction is for you?  Let us help.  Many people assume that they'll get a better deal without an agent or they don't need a representative because the builder's rep can take care of them.  First, major Cincinnati builders DO NOT give you a discount for showing up without an agent.  Our fees are factored into their overhead.   Secondly, if push comes to shove, who does the builder's agent work for?  The builder.  Wouldn't you rather have an agent with ONLY your best interest to consider?

3.  Ask your agent your questions.  Don't ask people that don't sell houses every day how things work.  A professional agent is up to date on the latest in how things work, market conditions and plenty more.  While the person in the cubicle next door might give you an accurate answer to how it happened for them when they bought their home, what happened for them 5-7 years ago may be completely out of date today.

4.  Trust us.  We don't stay in this business long term by giving bad advice.  Because we've done this so many times, we've got hundreds of "Been there, done that" T-shirts.  And you benefit from that experience because we don't have to reinvent the wheel every time something unusual happens.  It really is in our best interest to act in YOUR best interest.

5.  Understand your needs.  We get that the criteria for your home may change as we search, but the more focused you are, the better able we are to match available homes to those that BEST suit your needs.

6.  Tell your friends and family about us.  If we've done great work for you, don't keep it a secret.  There is NO better endorsement than your recommendation.  We can mail people, talk to them, have great websites, and NONE of it comes close to matching your recommendation to a friend or family member.


Need a real estate agent to help with your Warren County area home purchase or sale?  Just give us a call at 513-520-5305 or email Liz@LizSpear.com to get started. 

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6 Ways To Make Your Buyer's Agent Love You!
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