Warren County Ohio Real Estate News and Observations: November 2017

Oops! You Missed It? How To Avoid Losing Your Dream Home

missing a piece in your Cincinnati home buying?It was perfect wasn't it?

That home had EVERYTHING you wanted and even some extras!

And the price?  Easily within your budget!

But it's not your new home because you missed it.

With all the Cincinnati homes for sale information on the Web, you'd think it would be impossible to miss wouldn't you?

But it IS possible, maybe even likely, to miss the best homes in the best neighborhoods if you make a few key mistakes.  But the great news?  All the mistakes you COULD make, can be prevented!

1.  Searching Cincinnati homes for sale using the wrong sites.  Did you know not all sites have all the agent listed homes for sale?  Some brokerages don't allow syndication of listing information, so not all homes make it to 3rd party sites.  There can also be delays in posting new information.  Either way, those "missing" homes for sale might keep you from finding the right match.

2.  Deciding you don't need a buyer's agent working on your behalf.  If you're working solo, it's easier to miss things.  Maybe you've got a home search set up, but missing a couple of key criteria that MIGHT be the difference in finding and not finding your dream home. 

Now both of these factors can prevent you from FINDING the right home and they can both be fixed rather easily.  Commit to and hire ONE agent (or team) to help you.  A dedicated agent is going to have direct MLS information (which is the FIRST place agent listed homes are posted for sale) AND the agent will know how to set up a search to meet your needs.  And your Cincinnati agent selecting the "IMMEDIATE NOTIFICATION" email option means you'll know of new entries on the market within minutes, NOT hours or days later.

Now that you're FINDING the right homes for sale, there's still a chance of missing out on your dream home, but these errors are also easy to address!

1.  Not having your financial ducks in a row.

2.  Not seeing new homes on the market quickly.

3.  Not being ready to act when you find the right home.

4.  Writing a "weak" offer when you do offer.

That first item is easy to address.  Get with a good mortgage professional and get preapproved.  That makes your offer stronger and also helps determine if there are conditions (such as selling your existing home) that might be barriers to buying your next home.

That second item?  Might be a smidge tougher depending on your work schedule and your agent's availability, but when a new home that fits gets on the market, you need to see it quickly.  Don't assume that no other buyers are interested or you can wait for the open house (assuming there will be one).

Item 3?  You need to be mentally prepared to make an offer, especially in a hot market.  You can't assume "sleeping on it" is a safe strategy.  The best houses might have offers the same day, and maybe even a lot of offers (been there, done that).

And the last item?  If you REALLY want a home, come strong and make your offer appealing to the seller.  This means LISTEN to your agent about pricing, market trends and the things you MIGHT do that would make your offer less than appealing to a seller.

Follow our advice and your odds of finding AND owning your dream home go up significantly:

1.  Hire a good buyer's agent to coordinate your search

2.  Get preapproved

3.  Act quickly (see home, write offer)

You do your part and we'll do ours!  Further questions about buying a Cincinnati area home?  Call Bill at 513-520-5305 or email Liz@LizSpear.com and we'll determine how we can best help you!


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Bill of Liz and Bill aka BLiz 


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