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Knees, Houses, Data & Decisions

My right knee and me haven't been getting along so well for months.  What started as a minor irritation has gotten worse over time.  Those first few steps after standing up aren't fun.  Stairs?  Ugggh.  A cortisone shot helped for a bit, but it was just a band-aid and not a cure.  The next step in treatment was to get an MRI today. The end result is a CD packed with cross-section images of my knee.

knee mri photoAnd while I might recognize the major components of my knee (bones and muscle), I lack the expertise to actually diagnose what is causing my pain.  The answer is obviously in the data images, if ONLY I knew how to read them!!  Fortunately, there are people with the special training to interpret those images, and I'll see that doctor Tuesday and we'll figure out what the next action should be.

Too often we see encounter home buyers and sellers who have plenty of data.  There's public record data from the county.  There's online syndicators and their estimates of home values.  There's what the neighbors said.  And there's what their friends and co-workers are telling them.  Now some of these sources are true and factual, some based on a bit more guessing, and some fall into the category of "fake news" and some of it just might be an outright lie.  But regardless, it's all data that COULD factor into making a decision.  A really BIG decision that involves major dollars and a major life event.

So do you see the intersection of my knee and those home buyers and sellers?

We both have a need.  I want my knee back to normal and they want to buy or sell a home.

We both potentially have the essential data to make a decision.

We're both pretty familiar with the subject matter.  My knee and I have been together since birth and I'd venture very few of my area home buyers and sellers haven't lived in a home.  And while we're both familiar with our particular subject matters, we're NOT experts.

So what decision is to be made?

A home buyer COULD go straight to the listing agent to make a purchase (that's a BIG mistake, but more on that another day).

A home seller COULD decide to sell without an agent (which may or may not be a big mistake depending on the seller's experience).

I could try to self-diagnose my knee, but I know I'd fail because I lack the expertise and at this point in life it might be tough to get into med school.  And besides, I don't want to wait that long to solve my issue!

So for me, the decision is easy.  I'm going to the professional next week.  He's going to look at those images and determine what's wrong.  And because he does this dozens and dozens of times a year, he's going to do it quickly and with a minimum of effort.  He's going to know how to fix it and provide me his best guidance on what I need to do next.  And I'm going to do what he recommends because he's the expert and I'm not.  And in return, me (and my insurance company) or going to provide him a nice fee.  That's how it works, right?

What we hope is that home sellers and buyers recognize that we as agents help home buyers and sellers dozens and dozens of times a year, year after year.  So we have the experience and expertise to figure things out quickly and know the best course of action to take care of our clients.  And while we're not free, we only get paid when we succeed, so that's a win-win for our clients and us!

Need advice on the home buying and selling process?  That's what we're here for!  Just give us a call at 513-520-5305 or email Liz@LizSpear.com.  We look forward to hearing from you! 

Serving Warren County Ohio's home sellers and buyers,

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Knees, Houses, Data & Decisions
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