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Thanks For Your Honesty

what's the question?There's a question I ask every potential buyer that reaches out to me:

"Do you have an agent?" or the longer version "Do you have an agent that will write the offer if you love the house you want to see?".

You might wonder why I ask that question.  After all, isn't it my job to show the home?

Well yes and no and sometimes it depends on the situation.

If I'm the agent representing the seller:

I have an interest in showing the home and getting it sold.  Getting that sold sign in the yard is how I get paid for doing my job.  But even then, I'd like to know if you have an agent or not because if you do already have an agent, part of your agent's duty to you is (unless you signed a limited service agreement) showing you homes you want to see.

Why?  Because the seller is MY client and you are not.  It's my job to sell THAT home and for the best possible terms for the seller.  If you tell me something during the showing that I can use to my seller's benefit, I can.  So your best protection?  It's making sure your own agent takes you through the home and we don't meet.

If I'm NOT the agent representing the seller:

I have zero interest in selling that particular home unless you become my client.  Selling you that home (or another) is how my business stays a business and not a charity organization.  So let's say I don't know you have an agent and I show you the home.  Then you go back to your agent and that agent writes the offer and takes you through the steps that lead to owning the home.  Guess which agent gets paid?  It's not me unless I want to spend some time in arbitration fighting for something I might not get.


So obviously finding out if there's another agent involved is pretty critical to me and I appreciate your honesty when you contact me about selling a home.   We'd love to help you, but we have to reserve our time for buyers that commit to ONLY working with us.  Give your agent a call and they'll help you.  And if they won't?  Maybe you need to reevaluate your hiring choice.


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Thanks For Your Honesty
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