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It Looked Good On The Surface

inspect closelyWhen you're shopping for a new home, you might see quite the spectrum of home conditions.

Some homes you walk into and they're ROUGH.  LOTS of things obviously wrong, but depending on what those issues are might just prove to be an opportunity for a good deal and not a deal breaker.

Other homes will have a few obvious things wrong, but overall appear to be in great shape.

And then there are the homes that APPEAR to have NOTHING wrong.  On the surface everything looks perfect.

The reality?  Every one of these types of homes may have something MAJOR wrong with them that wouldn't be apparent from the first look.

When we're touring a home there are many things we do not do.

We don't go up in the attic.

We don't test the appliances.

We don't run the furnace and AC.

We don't go up on the roof.

We don't pull off the cover of the electrical panel and check for proper wiring.

We don't open and close all the windows.

Basically, there are MANY things that just aren't proper to do when touring a home.

However, you have an opportunity to have all those things checked out by a professional home inspector if you decide to buy the home.

A qualified home inspector knows how to look beyond the surface and find out if a home isn't as perfect as it looks.

Things that might not have been apparent during the tour get identified.

The window that doesn't close properly.

The dishwasher that's not operating properly.

That cracked vent boot on the roof.

The double tapped breaker in the main electrical panel.

That spot of termite damage.

The radon level higher than recommended.

Do you see why we recommend you ALWAYS get a good home inspection, even when the home LOOKS perfect?  We just don't know what we don't know.



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