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Will Tugging Heartstrings Get You A Home?

is your offer the missing piece?Most of Warren County Ohio is still in a seller's market.  There just aren't enough homes for sale, especially in the more affordable price ranges.  Go upscale and the builders have you covered, but if you're looking for your first home you may find a VERY competitive market.  You need to get there quickly, offer quickly and bring a strong offer as there's a good chance that other buyers are after the same home as you are.

And this type of environment often means a buyer's agent will get a "highest and best" request.  The home is in multiple offers.  What's the best you can do?

Sometimes a buyer CAN and WILL bump up their offer in hopes of being THE ONE.

But sometimes offering more money just isn't an option.  The buyer is already at the maximum they're comfortable spending.  They've made the offer as appealing as they can.  They're preapproved and the letter is attached.  So is there anything more a buyer can do?

It's a bit of a Hail Mary play, but including a letter with the offer may increase a buyer's odds of winning.  Explain why you love the home and your future plans for the home.  Tell a nice story to help make you an appealing buyer to the seller.  Just maybe there's common ground in your background and the seller's background that might make the seller willing to go your way.  Some heartstrings being plucked might just win over the seller.

Do I realistically expect a letter to make a difference?  Most probably not.  If another offer beats yours by thousands and thousands of dollars, MOST sellers are going to go for the bottom line and take the best offer.

But if your offer is on par with the other offers, that letter could be the one that gives the seller a reason to pick your offer.



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Will Tugging Heartstrings Get You A Home?
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