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A Home Buyer's Bill of Rights

Home Buyer Bill of RightsA Home Buyer's Bill of Rights

We the people of The Liz Spear Team of RE/MAX Elite believe that not only do Warren County home sellers have rights, but Warren County home buyers also have rights in the pursuit of their dream home!  Many of these rights are common with the home sellers, but there are also important differences.

  • They are entitled to freedom of speech!  A successful relationship between a good buyer's agent and the buyers is founded on good communication!  A clearly articulated set of criteria for the desired home sets the stage for a successful home hunt.  The Must Haves, the Nice Tos, the ABSOLUTE NO WAYs, all need to be understood.  They may adjust over time based on what's available, so ongoing discussion is paramount.  How we'll interact, what our role is and isn't, each side needs to always speak the TRUTH to each other.
  • They are entitled to know when they are doing something against their best interests!  You want to buy a home backing up to high tension wires?  A corner lot?  Downwind of the area lumber mill, septic plant, etc.?  You want to skip home inspections?  Pay more than the market dictates?  Your agent better be letting you know the impact of your choice.  Ultimately it is YOUR choice, but not without our best counsel on the hazards.  Decisions made today may cost you more than you ever dreamed years down the road when it's your turn to become the seller.
  • They are entitled to getting the best possible price!  The same way Savingswe comp out a listing, we'll comp out a home you want to buy.  We'll give you our best valuation.  Sometimes a home is such a great deal that even at FULL list price (and maybe even more), you're making out like a bandit!  And if we happen to encounter multiple offers, we'll do our best to win you the home WITHOUT you overpaying!  We WANT to save you money!
  • They are entitled to our Loyalty!  Once we commit to working with you, we have agreed to put your interests foremost.  We may not always be available at the exact time you're asking for, but we'll do our best to find a mutually agreeable time.  And with a team of two of us, the odds are in your favor that there won't be too many times we can't meet on your schedule providing the sellers are also cooperative.  And this LOYALTY dear buyers is a TWO WAY street!  Please don't work with us to see dozens of homes and then write an offer with someone else because we couldn't get in RIGHT NOW.  Only the agent who takes you to closing gets paid by the seller.  And if you signed an exclusive buyer's agency agreement with your agent, you may have put yourself in a bind without realizing it.
  • They are entitled to responsiveness from their buyer's agent!  This doesn't mean we're taking calls at 1 a.m.!  But we will respond quickly. The request for additional information on that new listing?  We'll be right on that!
  • They are entitled to a buyer's agent who understands the latest in technology!  Your agent should be proficient in setting MLS searches and keeping up with neighborhood happenings that might affect your decision to purchase.  Find something on the road and you have questions?  Hopefully they've got a smartphone or iPad and can access what you need.
  • They are entitled to current information!  Buyers need the latest Informationinformation on home availability.  The day something new comes on the market that matches, or that home that was JUST out of price range before reduces price, they need to know.  And we all need to be ready to act, because 100 other buyers got the same information today.
  • They are entitled to patience from their agent!  It's frustrating to look at 10 homes in a day and NOT find that dream house the first day, but this is another case where we never said it would be easy.  We'll do our best to match your desires to the available homes, but sometimes you have to cross a few thresholds to find out which ones have odors so strong they knock you over, cracks in the basement and holes punched in the drywall.  We'll understand if you feel a bit down when we don't find "THE ONE" right off the bat.  This isn't HGTV where we only show you THREE and say PICK ONE!  We want a great fit for you!  This is a HUGE decision and we won't drive a square peg into a round hole just to be done.
  • They are entitled to privacy!  Why you're buying a home now is no one else's business.  However, once your name and address go on the purchase contract, the listing agent and sellers WILL be able to figure out certain things about you! If your name isn't something like John Smith, don't be surprised if your LinkedIn & Facebook accounts are viewed, along with a general Google search.  At this point it's about negotiating leverage.  Keep things private, we'll be doing the same for you.
  • They are entitled to an agent who KNOWS the area!  This doesn't mean the agent has to live in the same development, or even the same town, but your agent needs to know the critical things that affect your purchase.  Trends up or down?  Local government great or dysfunctional?  School issues?  New construction plans?  Foreclosures?  These factors and many more can make your decision a great choice, or something that will make you curse your agent's name for years to come!  We can help you in Mason, Lebanon, Springboro, pretty much anyplace in Warren County....but if you want to go into downtown Cincinnati or Dayton....well we'll find an agent who specializes in those places for you!
  • They are entitled to be pushed when they need pushed!  When you find that JUST RIGHT home, we will ask you to act TODAY....not tomorrow.  Because there just might be another buyer who is acting TODAY, or also thinking about tomorrow.  Be first in line.  We have plenty of buyers who are now owners because they DIDN'T wait, while another agent's buyers "thought about it". 
  • They are entitled to a superb support team!  Need a great mortgage loan officer?  Home inspector?  Contractors?  All that and more at our disposal to help you!

So if you're considering buying a Warren County home, we'd love to talk to you further about our Home Buyer's Bill of Rights!  We believe you'll love our approach (most buyers tell us we're FUN to work with, almost like shopping for homes with their best friends!).  We'll always give you our best possible advice with no hassle, no pressure.  So email, call, text....whatever works for you!

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Liz and Bill aka BLiz

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A Home Buyer's Bill of Rights
A Home Buyer's Bill of Rights We the people of The Liz Spear Team of RE/MAX Elite believe that not only do Warren County home sellers have rights but Warren County home buyers also have rights in the pursuit of their dream home! Many of… more