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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

DecisionsDecisions, Decisions, Decisions

Decisions.  We're faced with them continually, sometimes subconsciously, sometimes major life events that we may spend days or weeks mulling before reaching that conclusion.

Some decisions have little impact, and some can be life altering. 

The decisions you make regarding home ownership can fall into the life altering category.  We're not trying to scare you here, but decisions you make today can have far reaching impact to your emotional happiness, your financial security and much more.

Now while we as REALTORS® can't totally protect you from everything bad (as much as we'd love to), what we can do is provide you the best possible advice to make your home ownership decisions.

Home sellers:
It includes our providing a THOROUGH price evaluation and a net proceeds sheet (no surprises at the closing table).  That price evaluation is going to tell you quite a bit about your available options:  yes or no to selling, straight sale, short sale, loan modification or another option?

We can provide you a list of things to do to your home to optimize your opportunity to sell, and to move your home up in the expected sale price band.  Ultimately it's up to you to make the decisions as to which to implement and which to bypass.

And if you decide to sell, we'll keep you informed to keep your decision making process provided with the best current info on your competition and how to meet your goals.

And when that purchase offer does come, we'll again be providing you with our best advice:  to counter (or not), what terms to be concerned about (sometimes price isn't the ONLY decision point), how to protect yourself without blowing up the deal.  We've talked more than a few sellers down off the proverbial ledge over the years.

Home buyers:
In our view, the best decision making starts with getting with your mortgage professional to find out what you can and can't afford to do.  THEN the next most important thing is finding a REALTOR® who can guide you through the process. 

Hiring these two assistants are both critical elements to your short and New constructionlong term success.  And yes, we think having a REALTOR® is critical even if you're planning on buying new construction!  Do you have any idea how many times we've talked to people who are essentially trapped in their home because they overpaid that builder while they were "saving" money by not using an agent?

Now as you go through the home buying process, there are decisions you'll make that while they may fit your "right now" conditions, may really hurt you later.  For instance in our area, buying a subdivision home WITHOUT a basement is a killer to selling a home.  Those homes are some of the toughest resales we ever encounter.  It can be done, but you'll probably have go sell for much less and take much longer. 

One of our specialties is working expired listings, homes that didn't sell with their first (or second, or third) agent.  And often that failure to sell has NOTHING to do with the listing agent's adequacy, but everything to do with the decisions made when purchasing the home.  A common thread is someone got a "good deal" when they bought....because the home was next to a major road, in a less than desirable school district, on a corner lot, didn't have that basement, etc.  Those are all acceptable decisions to make PROVIDING you are aware of the potential consequences years down the road.

Now as your buyer's agent, we can provide you with as much advice as you'd like.  Contract offer strategies, the importance of home inspections, what you can do with a particular home, our experience with the neighborhoods you're considering, community pros and cons, and much more.

Ultimately, when you're buying or selling a Warren County area home, we'll put our experience to work for you to provide you the best possible inputs to making your final decisions.  We'll be doing everything we can to protect YOUR best interests and help you make the best possible decisions!

Serving Warren County's residential real estate needs,
Liz and Bill aka BLiz 

P.S.  Want to know more about how we can help you?  That's easy!  Just give us a call and let's talk!

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions Decisions. We're faced with them continually, sometimes subconsciously, sometimes major life events that we may spend days or weeks mulling before reaching that conclusion. Some decisions have little impact,… more