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You're Going To Need Some Things For Your New Home!

HomeYou're Going To Need Some Things For Your New Home!

So you made the big leap, you're about to be a home owner!  You're moving out on your own, and with it is a whole new world.  It's not like living with mom & dad when they have EVERYTHING you need to take care of a home, and not like renting a place where you just called the landlord when something was goofy.  Now, it's all on YOU!

Now you've got choices, if you've got more money than time, you may still chose to contract out some basic services like lawn care and home repairs, but chances are, it's YOU that will be doing this, so we're going to give you a head start on some things you might want to take care of pretty soon after you get moved in to your new place.

  • Change the locks.  Who knows how many copies of the keys are out from the old homeowners.  Our housesitter has a key, maybe the neighbors have a key.  Maybe the seller's crazy Ex has a key.  Get the locks rekeyed and you don't need to worry about that.
  • Appliances.  What wasn't included with the home?  A refrigerator?  Washer & dryer? Buy new or Craigslist, but don't forget about what can be a major expense.
  • The lawn.  You're probably going to need a lawnmower, maybe a leaf blower, maybe a grass trimmer.  Don't forget the gas cans that go with them, and figure out where you're going to store them.  If you're in an HOA community, do they allow sheds?snow blower
  • Lawn tools.  Shovel.  Rake. Hedge clipper/trimmer.  Pruner.  Axe. Snow shovel and maybe a snow blower depending on driveway size.  Water hoses and nozzles.  Lawn sprinkler.
  • Garden tools.  If you're really serious about this, you might need a tiller.  If a minor plot or flower bed, you might be able to get away with a trowel and some other small tools.
  • ToolsHand tools.  Screwdrivers, pliers, wirecutter, metal snips, hammer, tape measure, handsaw, crescent wrench, socket set and wrench.  Don't forget a set of pliers/pipe wrench big enough to take the P-trap off when something falls down the drain you want back (like that wedding ring or earring?).  This collection will grow over time to add things like Allen wrenches, wood chisels and the like.
  • Power tools.  Drill, circular saw and if you're not careful you'll be all Tim Taylor before you know it.
  • Stud finder and level for hanging pictures. Caulk/putty for when you need to fill the nail holes when you MOVE those pictures!
  • Cleaning supplies for the home.  Pick your weapons of choice, but glass cleaner, counter cleaner, stove cleaner, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaning supplies, etc.  Vacuum cleaner.  Broom & dust pan.  Paper towels, sponges, brushes and more.  Don't forget you're probably going to need a toilet plunger eventually (just in case).
  • Curtains & blinds.  You can measure for these during your inspection period or final walkthrough. 
  • Lightbulbs and air filters, and other routine maintenance items.
  • Patio/deck furniture, unless you got the owners to leave their set. 
  • Ladder.  You're going to need to reach stuff taller than you.  Maybe get in the attic, maybe get on the roof, maybe clean out the gutters.TP
  • Last but not least, don't forget some TP....just in case the sellers took the last roll!

Now this isn't a complete list of everything you're going to need by any means.  You might need plates and silverware and glasses and pots and pans and food and all kind of other things too, so our list is mainly to tickle your brain into thinking about all the things you'll need when you move into the your new home! 

Keep some cash in reserve.  When you're a homeowner, things happen you don't plan.  Things break and probably at the same time as your car gets gitchy.  That's life & Murphy's Law does apply!

If you have other questions about buying a Warren County area home, just give The Liz Spear Team of RE/MAX Elite a call!  We'll be happy to help!

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You're Going To Need Some Things For Your New Home!
You're Going To Need Some Things For Your New Home! So you made the big leap, you're about to be a home owner! You're moving out on your own, and with it is a whole new world. It's not like living with mom & dad when they have… more