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You Can't Fix It Yourself Says The Buyer

way past my skill set!!My home has some things wrong with it, just like basically every home ever built.  If I wanted to sell soon, I'd have to take care of some minor things here and there.  An electrical junction box in the basement that needs a new cover, some touch up paint, tighten down some deck boards.  Nothing really huge and scary, just stuff that needs done and keeps getting put off until the weather is good, I don't have clients to help, and there's not a good ballgame on TV :).

But let's say I went ahead and put my home on the market and didn't fix any of those things.  Eventually a buyer will love the home, write a contract, we'll come to terms and then along comes Joe Home Inspector.  Joe is going to find some things wrong.  He's going to note the junction box cover is missing.  The deck boards are loose.  He'll let the touch up painting slide because that's cosmetic and not functional or structural.  The buyer and there agent are most like going to ask for repairs.

And when they ask for repairs, do you think the addendum will say "Homeowner to repair X and Y?".  Perhaps, but more likely there's going to be some phrasing to the effect of "Qualified professionals to repair or replace X and Y".

Now that accomplishes two key things:

1.  Someone that does it every day is the one making the fixes, so you'd expect the repairs to look more professionally finished and to last.

2.  It takes the liability for the repairs off my shoulders and puts it square on the shoulders of the professional whose invoice is going to be given to the buyer. 

If that deck board pops back up after a month, I expect the new owner to be calling John's Deck Services and not me. 

Now might there be some things the buyer requests that are well within the home seller's capability?  Sure.  And in some cases if the issue is simple enough, the buyer may be perfectly acceptable with having the seller make the repair. Document the agreement accordingly.

But if it's anything significant or safety related, if I'm a buyer's agent I'm pushing hard for a qualified, insured, certified, really knows his stuff professional to make the repair.

So if you REALLY want to have the best possible control of repairs that will be requested, take care of them before your home goes on the market.  That $1.25 junction box over might turn into a $100 electrician's bill for 3 minutes worth of work.  You might even choose to have a full house inspection done prior to going on the market so you'll find out about things you didn't even know were wrong.


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