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Stepping Back In Time

I've always enjoyed history.  Reading about history and visiting places where events happened really interest me.  And sometimes I get to step back in time a bit and see firsthand how things used to be (and still are)!

Cass Scenic Railroad West Virginia

When I visit my parents in West Virginia there are some things that are significantly different than outside of Cincinnati.

  • Cell phone service?  No gots!  Thanks to the blackout zone imposed by the Radio Astonomy center in Green Bank, wireless cell phones and many other devices that might interfere are forbidden.  Once I'm more than a few feet from my parents' home, my cell phone is a glorified watch, alarm clock and camera and not much more.  Youmail does let me know I've got voicemail, and email I get from my parents' high speed internet.  Texts...they'll start dinging away as soon as I get far enough away on the return trip.
  • Fast food?  Fuhgetaboutit.   The nearest Mickey D's is about 50 miles away, and that 50 miles can't be driven a mile a minute either.  Up over the mountain and down the other side!
  • Shopping and other services?  This area relies heavily on small business, mom and pop type places.  Wal-mart, Lowes, Kroger, etc., are about an hour away.
  • Mass transit?  Tourist love to ride the Cass Scenic Railroad up to the mountaintop pushed by coal fired locomotives built in the early 1900s and formerly used for logging work. And fyi, they're mostly Shay locomotives from Lima, Ohio!Cass Scenic Railroad
  • Housing?  No mass produced cookie cutter homes there, although you WILL find some cookie cutter housing!  For instance Cass is primarily an old lumber company town.  They built lots of white two story frame homes connected by boardwalks to house employees.  Today, some of those homes are available as vacation rentals.Cass West Virginia company homes
  • Stress?  Not so much!  The worst traffic jam you're going to get is getting stuck behind a logging truck with no place to pass!  When I'm there, I'm on vacation, so alarm clocks are turned off, I've got the time to watch some college football with my dad, and my mom is making home cooked meals that feature a lot of home grown veggies from their garden.  And if the weather is cooperative, we can always go down to the river behind their home and listen to the water flow over the rocks. 

Yes, visiting my parents in West Virginia is great for recharging the internal batteries!  And after a few days there, I'm back in the saddle and ready to answer my cell phone again!


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