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Customer Service, Some Get It, Some Don't

my capI'm somewhat a creature of habit.  If a company is treating me well, I'm their client.  Be it a store, a restaurant, a movie theater, you name it, you get customer service and I'm your customer.

Liz is "addicted" to unsweetened ice teas from Dunkin' Donuts.  Most days she or I will swing through the drive-thru to get 2 larges to stash in the refrigerator.  The associates there get to know us and they know what we're going to order as soon as we pull up.  The other day I was wearing my USS Taylor FFG 50 ballcap.  That hat has been with me for almost 30 years and literally halfway around the world and back, but mostly present day it's a "I need to run an errand and my hair is jacked up so throw on the cap and let's go" cap :) 

But Bethany at Dunkin' Donuts saw the hat and asked if I was a veteran.  Bottom line, there was an adjustment to the bottom line.  Apparently there's a military/veteran discount I never knew about, all I needed to do was ask.  Nice to know, but I'll still not typically ask for a discount.  Tonight as I drove through, I placed my usual order.  I get to the window and Bethany is there and she's already rung up the discount without me asking.  No doubt, Bethany at Dunkin' Donuts has a handle on customer service.

I use Kroger's pharmacy for our pill needs (and they're fairly substantial thanks to the afib diagnosis last year).  Bunny the Chihuahua also has her own script and so does Cloudy Cat.  That means frequent visits and some of the techs recognize me.  Tonight one asks "anything for Bunny or Cloudy tonight?".  She knows our PETS name.  Yep, that pharmacy tech understands customer service too!

If you're an Ohio resident, you're allowed to choose a different utility provider for your power generation charge portion of the bill.  Ohio offers and Apples To Apples comparison website and you can contract for 3 months, 6 months, a year, maybe 2 years for a negotiated rate.  When the contract is up you can renew or switch.  A lot of people don't take advantage of the program, but it's one I've been using for years. 

Last fall my existing contract was coming to an end so I reviewed the offers.  My existing company had a good rate so I planned to stick with them.  Click the link, try to renew, get rejected.  Call this number for assistance.  I do and get the "sorry, but that rate is reserved for NEW CUSTOMERS only".  Funny, doesn't say that on the website.  You understand I can get a comparable rate with another company on the site??  That I'm switching if you refuse to match??  Long story short, no match and I switched.

Now a couple of months later they're calling me about my "expired" contract.  Wanting to know what they could offer to bring me back.  Is there a termination fee with my new supplier?  But that company IMO totally failed the customer service test when they acted like a monopoly when I tried to renew.  Game over.  I have choices.

Customer service is obviously a big portion of what I do as a real estate agent.  And for me, the way to approach it is VERY simple.  How would I want to be treated if I were the customer?  Because whether it's iced teas, pharmaceuticals or electric power, the principles are the same.

A fair price.

Treat people like you'd like to be treated (or even better!).

Communication (and in a reasonable amount of time).


Bundle that up and we've got a pretty good foundation on having happy home buyers and sellers. 

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Customer Service, Some Get It, Some Don't
I'm somewhat a creature of habit. If a company is treating me well, I'm their client. Be it a store, a restaurant, a movie theater, you name it, you get customer service and I'm your customer. Liz is "addicted" to unsweetened ice teas… more
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