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When I was a kid my television choices were rather limited.  Signals were strictly over the air and that meant rabbit ears wrapped in aluminum foil sitting on top of the set and all kind of contortions trying to improve the signal.

You wanted to change the channel?  Or if Dad wanted the channel changed?  That meant my brother or I had to go over to the set and turn the knob.  Remote controls?  They didn't exist.

Saturday morning was for cartoons.

Miss a show?  Maybe when they did the reruns in the 2nd half of the TV season you might catch it then.

Flash forward 40+ years and I can be out on my patio working on the catio we're building and have the Navy-Air Force football game streaming on my phone. 

For those few shows we regularly watch, if we miss an episode, it's no big deal.  On demand streaming (if not immediately available) allows us to catch up soon after.

A specific movie I want to see?  Chances are it's available on Netflix, Hulu, Tubi, Amazon or some other app.  It may cost a couple of bucks extra, but it's available.

The technology has changed tremendously, and who knows what's next?

Almost 30 years ago (long before we ever even thought about becoming real estate agents), we bought our first home.  There were no online portals to look at homes for sale.  You went into the real estate office and looked at the books or their online access.  Dot matrix printouts could be provided with the details of the home (we still have the one for the home we bought!).

Obviously a LOT has changed since then.

There's more information a few keystrokes away then we could have possibly dreamed of.

We can stream a tour of a home to a buyer client 500 miles away.

There are pictures galore of homes for sale online.

Want to know the lot outline for a property?  Off to the county auditor site.

What the owners paid for their home?  Public tax records make that available.

But the missing piece to all this information?


Some agents worry about what tomorrow will bring.  AI is going to replace us.  Portals are going to consume everything.  Some other brokerage model will take the world by storm.  Lawsuits will change the way we do business.

And perhaps all of that may come to pass to some degree, but I'll come back to context.

I don't see 1s and 0s figuring out how to replace the experience that comes with dozens and hundreds of transactions.  If everything is rote, then maybe a computer could do okay.  Punch the checklist from start to finish.

But that's NOT reality.  Every transaction comes with it's own wrinkles, either due to the home or the humans involved with the transaction.

And humans (at least not yet), aren't ready to give up the human guidance to get them through such a huge financial investment.

Now how those humans find us may change.

What they expect us to do may change.

How much they're willing to pay us may change.

But what I don't expect to change is the need for us to still be there providing guidance.

Time will tell, won't it?

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