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Don't Be Afraid, It's NOT A Contract!

The first time we meet I'm going to have some paperwork.  It's two pages and required for ALL Ohio real estate agents to present to home buyers and sellers are their first substantial contact with a consumer (unless during an Open House).  It's called the Ohio Consumer Guide To Agency Relationships.  It's a detailed explanation of how Ohio agents work with the public (more on that later).

And it's not unusual when I first present the form to see a potential home buyer recoil a bit even though I start with "This is NOT a contract.  It doesn't require you to work with me, it just means I provided you the information."


And it's NOT a contract.  As I mentioned, it's an Ohio mandatory form that is designed to protect the consumer.  Without it, a buyer MIGHT think that the listing agent works for them or a seller could cross paths with a buyer's agent, have a friendly chat and think what they said was confidential (it wasn't). 

The form is there to make sure that a consumer understands that Ohio agents work either as:

1.  Representing the seller

2.  Representing the buyer

3.  Acting as a dual agent WITH permission of both the buyer and seller

The form also covers:

A.  Working with other brokerages

B.  Whether the brokerage ONLY works with buyers, sellers or BOTH (and almost all work with BOTH)

C.  Fair housing/protected classes.

And that's pretty much it.  You won't find any of the necessary terms of a Buyer's Agency Agreement (a period of time we're working together, my broker's payment, the services expected, etc.).  It's a two page information sheet with no blanks to fill in.

What I hope for is after explaining the form that the consumer is willing to sign it.  If so, we've passed the first trust test.  You realized I'm NOT there to rip you off.

If on the other hand you refuse to trust me and sign the form, I have to consider a few options:

1.  I didn't do a good enough job earning your trust

2.  You lied to me when I asked upfront if you have an agent or one you plan to work with, and you're now afraid that signing the form WILL obligate you to work with me and block out your actual agent

3.  You've had a bad experience in the past and you just don't trust ANY agent.

No worries, if you refuse to sign, I'll note on the form's duplicate signature page that I presented you the information and file it away.

And at that point, we both have to decide if we're meant to work with each other.  For me, trust is HUGE.  I'm providing my experience, my time, and my best advice to you and trusting that you won't leave me in the lurch by bringing in another agent or going straight to a builder without me when it's time to actually buy a home.  MOST times that trust is honored, but I can't say I haven't been burned more than a few times.

But know this, I'm NOT just about collecting a paycheck.  It's not that unusual for me to provide advice that leads a consumer AWAY from doing something that would bring me money (did it again tonight).  I won't hesitate to advise NOT selling a home or passing on buying one if it's not in the client's best interests.  Want references?  I can provide them!

Need help buying or selling a home in the Warren County area?  That's what we're here to do.  We regularly work with people on both new construction and resale homes, so just give us a call at 513-520-5305 or email Liz@LizSpear.com

Serving Warren County Ohio area home buyers and sellers,

Liz and Bill aka BLiz


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