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The Neighbor's Junkyard

impressions matterThe house could have worked for my buyers.

The right features.

The price was in the right range.

The location was convenient.

Ahhhh...but the neighbors, there's the rub.

One car that looked like it hadn't moved since its heyday in 1977.

Another with a smashed rear window and a tarp attempting to keep the rain out.

Another car vintage 1967 rusting away.

And those were just what we could see.

Now it might turn out the neigbhors might be the best neighbors you could ever hope for, but chances are the buyers will never find out.

To a certain extent, until a home is purchased, it's just another commodity until a buyer decides to call it home.  There's more than one 3 bedroom ranch home that fits the buyer's criteria, so a buyer will weigh the risk of the neigbhors in their purchasing decision.

Now bad neighbors usually don't have a sign in the yard warning you they're jerks, and it's certainly not a disclosure issue for the sellers, but visual cues do lead buyers to make assumptions.

Unkempt yards, mini junkyards, dogs that are trying to bite through the chain link fence, houses in blatant need of repairs, these are all things that can impact a buyer's purchasing decision.  We've been there and done that with both sellers and buyers over the years. 
Neighbors matter to the sale of a home. 


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