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The Other Side Of The Coin

The more you know...We work with both home buyers and home sellers.

Working with both provides us added perspective and is beneficial to my clients whether buyer or seller.

There's a lot of been there, done that involved that leads to increased understanding of perspectives.

Working with a buyer and we just can't get a showing approved.  First reaction might be "is the seller SERIOUS about getting their home sold?", but working with sellers you've had homes that were tenant occupied and difficult to get showings approved without plenty of notice.  The seller IS serious about getting the home sold, but is handcuffed by tenant rights.

Working in a buyer's market you see the demands being made of sellers and know they're feeling abused, but want to get the home sold.

Swing the pendulum to a seller's market and buyers get frustrated with multiple offer after multiple offer.

The seller is unhappy with the low offer?  I've been there and done that with my buyers, presenting an offer I knew was WAY too low for the home.  That helps me explain to a seller the buyer just feels like "I HAD to try"...and then they'll get serious if we give them a chance to.

I could go on and on with examples, but bottom line is by working with both buyers and sellers, I can lend a calming perspective to most situations.  When you understand WHY the other side of a potential deal acts they way they do, it's easier to keep level headed and work past the potential emotional pitfalls that could blow up a deal.

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The Other Side Of The Coin
We work with both home buyers and home sellers. Working with both provides us added perspective and is beneficial to my clients whether buyer or seller. There's a lot of been there, done that involved that leads to increased understanding of… more
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