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I Know Kung Fu & Other Dreams

The Matrix is one of my favorite movies, and if you know I'm an engineer, that fact probably doesn't surprise you!  Sci-fi, lots of action, and some stuff to make you think, it's not the kind of movie I'm going to doze off on the couch watching!

There's one concept in the movie that intrigues me.  More or less instant learning!  Download a program to the brain, and just like that "I know kung fu!".



Now that's not reality (at least not yet).

Learning takes time, and real proficiency can take even longer.

Today Liz and I spent the day at a type of first aid/emergency response training class.  We were able to learn a lot in a fairly short amount of time thanks to the expertise of the instructor.  He's got a lot of been there, done that experience that he could distill into some short key lessons.

Did we walk out of the class knowing everything there is to know about the topic?  NOT EVEN CLOSE.  We know enough to be more helpful than we were yesterday, but we're no match for the instructor.  There's no instant download, and we'd have to spend much more time training and doing to match him (assuming we could EVER match him!).

Many moons ago when I first attended real estate classes, the instructors did a good job of teaching me what I needed to know to pass the licensing exam.  What the classes DID NOT do was actually teach me a lot about the day to day of being a real estate agent.

How to treat it as a business.

How to take care of my clients.

What to do when something goes wrong.

How to answer the questions buyers and sellers have.

And the list goes on and on and on as to what I DID NOT know when I first started.

Flash forward 15 years later and there's never been an instant download of everything a real estate agent needs to know.

It's an ongoing process to continue to learn.

I've learned various communities inside and out. 

I've gotten to know where Cincinnati patio homes are and which communities are the best fit for any particular buyer.

I know the hazards to avoid to most benefit our clients.

I know how to market.

I know how to price to get our sellers the best market price.

I know many things that have been hard earned with experience.


So while I still don't know kung fu, I do know real estate kung fu :)

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