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Agent X Vs. Best Buddy Bob

X marks the spot for accurate adviceIn this corner is Agent X with over a decade of real estate experience, with literally hundreds of real estate transactions completed. 

Expert in negotiating and keeping calm when others would rather lose their tempers.

Skilled in all the required legal aspects.  Federal, state and local requirements from disclosures to Fair Housing requirements.

Pricing homes?  Knows how to gather local tax records and MLS data to substantiate what they already know about fair market value from being on the scene with local home buyers and sellers every day.

New construction?  Been there and done that and knows what the major local builders will and won't do and which neighborhoods are the best possible fit for their buyers.


Now over in the other corner is Best Buddy Bob.  Bob bought a house 2 years ago.  And Bob considers himself a real estate expert because he saw some stuff online.  You know, articles written by a journalist who shares an apartment with 2 other friends because...New York City rents.  The closest the writer has come to an actual purchased house is the one his parents owned.

And the other thing about Best Buddy Bob?  He tends to exaggerate "slightly" after knocking back a few craft ales.  Yep, he bargained down that builder and got a free finished basement as part of his new construction purchase!  Yep, Best Buddy Bob has a bit of an ego, so don't go checking his "facts".  You know what you'll find out?  The builder was offering that incentive to EVERY buyer back when Best Buddy Bob bought his home because they were trying to accelerate the new community's start and get those first few homes built!


So, who are you going to listen do?  Agent X with all that experience and expertise?  Or Best Buddy Bob with VERY limited experience and not all that much knowledge of the local market?


You laugh,  right?  The choice is blatantly easy!  And yet, some home buyers and sellers choose to listen to their friends, family and neighbors rather than an experienced real estate agent.


We know all those folks mean well, but you've got to take their advice with a grain of salt.  A VERY big grain of salt.  Listening to them can cost you thousands of dollars, even cost you the home you want because their advice DOESN'T actually consider current market conditions.  Again, they mean well, but their source of home valuation?  An automated number from some real estate website?  What they heard the neighbor tell everyone?

To make your best decisions, you need accurate information and advice. 

Find your Agent X.



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Agent X Vs. Best Buddy Bob
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