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So You Want To Fly Solo?

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I'm not a pilot and I don't know how to fly a plane but coming from Annapolis I've known plenty of Navy jet jockeys (and if you don't know they're a fighter pilot, just wait a few minutes, they'll tell you soon enough!).

But there is something I do know about becoming a pilot:  pilots don't fly solo without training.  Lots and lots of training.  In the classroom.  In simulators.  In special training planes where an experienced instructor guides them to attain the skills needed and how to react in an emergency.  And only after they've cleared all the necessary hurdles will they finally become the only person in the plane and go fly solo.

Now while buying and selling a home isn't flying a fighter jet at supersonic speeds, to do it safely you really need some training. 

But there's plenty of training on the Internet you say?

True that.  You can find thousands of blogs and web pages packed with real estate advice.  And if you're lucky some of them MIGHT contain context and some of them MIGHT even apply to your local area, but be aware that real estate is VERY, VERY local.  What applied in your previous state may have zip to do with how things are done in Ohio.  And for that matter, there are differences even within our local market.  It's only been in the last couple of years that Dayton and Cincinnati have unified into one official real estate agent contract.  Prior to that Dayton had their own and Cincinnati their own and there WERE significant differences between the two.

And good luck finding what you need to do online when it comes to real estate "emergencies".  We see it all the time in local Facebook groups.  A home buyer or seller who decided to fly solo running into trouble and seeking help, but real estate and crowdsourcing knowledge don't always go hand in hand.

And if you've bought and sold enough homes you might feel comfortable flying solo, and if so, more power to you.  But for most people who buy or sell a home once every 5-10 years, it's tough gaining the experience needed to fly solo in real estate. 

Sometimes it's just better to hire a pilot and be a passenger.  That's why it's best to find an experienced real estate agent.  We're gaining lifetimes of experience EVERY YEAR.  There's always something new happening.  Different circumstances, regulations that change, market adjustments, and plenty more that impacts our decision making.  And the more experience your agent has in handling the troubles that sometimes happen with buying or selling a home, the smoother your life will be.

It's always your choice, but our recommendation is hire an agent with the experience you need.  We've had the training and been flying solo for a long, long time.



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