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Knowledge Can Provide A Better Customer Experience

here kitty kittyWe've made it no secret, we have a LOT of cats, and just like us humans, sometimes they catch a cold.  And a cat that can't smell its food is less likely to eat, so we'll switch up our routine and feed them meat flavored jarred baby food. It doesn't take long to go through a case of 12, and since we tend towards overstocking when we shop, we'll buy multiple cases.

Now if you're wondering where this is going, here it is.  When we make our purchases, there's a difference between cashiers.

A more experienced cashier will take one jar out of the case, scan it, press a couple of buttons and you'll see 12x on the screen and the case is done.  One line item on the receipt, and on to the next case.  Pretty quick and all the baby food is checked through.

A less knowledgeable cashier takes a different approach.  Absolute worst case, they take out EVERY jar and scan it.  Most likely they take one jar, scan it, and then hit the repeat button over and over until the case is done.  Then rinse, lather, repeat for the next case and the next case.

While I'll admit it falls into the category of First World problems, but given my druthers I'd rather get done quicker and move on to my next task for the day.

For me, faster is a better customer experience.

Now you can encounter the same things in real estate, and a knowledgeable agent can really make a difference.  Notice I didn't say the agent with the most years in the business, because there's a wide spectrum in difference agent to agent in how much experience they gain annually.  Someone younger may be doing dozens and dozens of homes sold a year and gaining that crucial experience you can only gain when you encounter new issues and have to troubleshoot how to best serve your clients.

So what can a knowledgeable agent do for you? 

For a home seller:

  • Know how to price your home right from the start so you get the most amount of dollars in the shortest amount of time.
  • Know what buyers care about so you only work on things that matter before your home goes on the market.
  • Know the best ways to market your home to get results. 
  • Knows how to negotiate and keep things calm.


For a home buyer:

  • Know how to listen to your needs and help you find the best home for your needs.
  • Know the watch-outs for an area.
  • Know the issues that a home you love might have when it's time to sell it.
  • A list of great mortgage pros to take care of your financing needs.
  • Knows how to negotiate and keep things calm (BOTH sides need this!!).

There's a lot more to what a knowledgeable agent can offer.  Bottom line, it's in your best interest to find an agent that knows the market and how to get things done.


Give us a call at 513-520-5305 and we can help you assess the market as it pertains to YOU.   


We look forward to hearing from you!

Bill of Bill & Liz aka BLiz


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Knowledge Can Provide A Better Customer Experience
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