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I've always loved comic strips.  Far Side.  Calvin & Hobbes.  Dilbert.  Pearls Before Swine.  Foxtrot.  Bloom County.  Some are long gone, some are still going, and others were gone and now back!

Each comic strip tends to have their own thing. Family Circus is famous for the "tracking" strips.  Send Jeffy off to do something and just watch all the detours along the way!

When there's fresh snow at our home our Chihuahuas produce their own brand of "Jeffy tracks"!  Four little Chis can leave a lot of footprints as they go to and fro, and interesting, one of our Chi's is named Jefe :)

chihuahua tracks

What does this have to do with real estate?  Tracking!  Look, I've never been an animal hunter (but I know deer track when I see them), but I don't hunt homes.  I track types of homes (e.g. patio homes), particular neighborhoods, even individual addresses. 

I'm house tracking for one of two purposes:

1.  To meet a specific buyer's needs

2.  To keep myself informed

Admittedly, sometimes those two purposes overlap.  For instance, if you want a Cincinnati patio home, I'm already tracking every patio home community we've identified.  You tell me you want a Mason Ohio patio home, a few clicks later I'll be able to tell you exactly how many (if any) Mason patio homes are available.  You want Cincinnati new construction patio homes?  I'm tracking that too.  What builders are offering and where is a key part of helping our buyer clients.

There are times we get an Internet inquiry about a particular home.  Chances are it's already under contract, so we'll create an autotracker for that particular home.  If the status changes, we're going to know within minutes of the MLS status changing.

Bottom line, we hunt homes of specific types.  And unlike Elmer Fudd chasing Bugs, we bag what we're after for our clients.  Information is the currency that helps us help our clients.


Need a real estate guide?  That's what we're here for.  Further questions about buying or selling a Cincinnati area home?  Call Bill at 513-520-5305 or email Liz@LizSpear.com and we'll determine how we can best help you!


Serving Cincinnati home buyers and sellers,

Liz and Bill aka BLiz 


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Home Tracking
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