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Making Adjustments

This morning was a first for the season.  It was just a little too cold so the thermostat was switched from AC to HEAT.  It was just temporary as the day warmed into a gorgeous Fall day.

After church my main project for the day was attempting to finish our catio project.  It's a good sized outside enclosure, 8' x 6' at the base, 7' high.  We started about 3 weeks ago and have squeezed in work on it as time allows.  Along the way I've had to make more than a few adjustments.

The initial plans online didn't jive exactly with the materials available, so I'd adjusted the framing spacing to align with the wire screen width. 

Also along the way I learned a manual stapler just wasn't the right tool for attaching the wire to the framing.  My shoulder took some abuse during my soccer goalie days and I'm still paying for the fun I had back then.  So a trip to the hardware store for an electric stapler and the work became much easier.

I'm not a carpenter, but can handle a decent amount of DIY projects when I opt not to hire a pro to handle it and free up my time.  As I worked on the catio I had to make further adjustments to my plans.  The most efficient way to cut the wood, the best spots to drill the pilot holes, where to place the shelves (24' total), the length needed for the shelf supports, all things that involved adjustments as I built.

Eventually all the adjustments that needed to be made were made.  The catio is finished and Paisley approved in her limited time trying it out this evening.  Tomorrow Liz and the kitties can give it a trial run.

Making adjustments is part of my real estate life too.

Keeping an eye on the competition for our sellers so we know when a price adjustment may be needed.

Watching for new listings that are close to the perfect match for our buyers, and knowing when to advise an adjustment in their critieria might be worthwhile, especially in a short inventory market.

The list of adjustments go on and on.  What is the market doing?  What are sellers doing?  Buyers?  Agents?

Understanding context of data available is crucial to knowing when to adjust, and when to know it's just a momentary glitch up or down.

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Making Adjustments
This morning was a first for the season. It was just a little too cold so the thermostat was switched from AC to HEAT. It was just temporary as the day warmed into a gorgeous Fall day. After church my main project for the day was attempting to… more
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