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Planning For Tomorrow's Home

Planning to build a new home can be a complex process packed with choices to make. 

Do you build with a "cookie cutter' builder as part of a mass production in a subdivision, or do you go the custom home route?

And if going the custom route, there's a whole new series of questions to ask.

How do you select the builder for that custom home?

Do you buy the lot and figure out the builder later?

Do you sell your home first or after the building has started?

How to finance?

What are the utility availabilities?  Do you need a septic system?  If so, this can be a big driver for your budget and where on a lot your home can be built.

And we're just scratching the surface aren't we??

We have clients right now and those trees above will be the site of their new home.  Rough plans are in place, but there's a lot of strategy to determine between now and when they walk into their new home. 

It's an interesting process as we interview builders and learn the pros and cons of each particular builder.

Some custom builders build 20+ homes a year, others 2-3.

Some front the building financing, others need a new construction loan.

Some have a solid online presence, others rely solely on word of mouth. 

Some quote way higher than others. 

The comparison points continue on and on.

It's important to get to an apples to apples basis when comparing the estimates.  Finding the differences can be key to making sure a buyer doesn't get "bushwhacked" later with cost increases well above the estimate. 

We're on the home stretch with these buyers.  We have the lot.  We've almost finished the builder interviews. We know the steps that are next and we have a timetable.


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