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Homes Are Like Books, You Never Know What's Inside

We see a lot of homes in our business.  Sometimes one is all it takes to find the right one for a buyer, sometimes it's dozens.  But when it's THE ONE, they know and we know and we work to make it theirs.

But there's one thing we've learned over the years is that you can't judge a home just based on appearances.  An old home may be perfectly functional, and a home that is almost brand new may have all kinds of problems.

Sure pictures and video nowadays can give you a pretty good idea about a home, and even when you walk through a home you might think you have a really good feel for how well the home is built, but appearances can be deceiving.  Things that LOOK great may have issues, and that's where a great home inspector can literally save you thousands of dollars.

I can't count the number of times a home has looked fantastic on the surface, but a home inspector is able to look under the surface and that's where the "expensive" things are.

Because a normal home tour doesn't include testing a home like a home inspection, you don't find out things the home inspector will such as:

  • The dishwasher leaks...a LOT!
  • The whirlpool bath?  It doesn't whirl.
  • The dryer vent has enough lint in it to stuff a pillowcase
  • The gas line leaks (thankfully the gas companies put odorant in the supply!)
  • The radon test is through the rooooooooof!!!  (and so will be the exhaust pipe for the mitigation system!)
  • The AC temperature differential isn't nearly what it should be
  • There's a family of squirrels living in the attic and you just don't want to know what's in the crawlspace!!

These types of issues happen routinely on homes that APPEAR to be perfect.  And it's exactly why we recommend to our buyers to hire a competent, professional home inspector.  You always want to find out these issues BEFORE you own the home, not AFTER when it's only your problem!


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