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Will The Cincinnati Home Builder Negotiate Price?

new constructionIt's a common question and tied to one of the biggest myths about Cincinnati home buying.  "Will the builder negotiate price?".

"And surely if I show up without my own real estate agent they'll AT LEAST reduce by the price of the agent's commission, right?".

Now I can't speak to what every small builder in the Cincinnati Ohio market will do, but I can speak for the major builders in our area (Drees, Fischer, M/I, John Henry, Cristo, Inverness, etc.).

There are two times they'll give buyers a price break:

1.  When a home is completely finished and they don't need it to show other potential buyers.

2.  When they're running a promotion on build to order homes.

That's pretty  much it for getting a deal from the builder.  You'll notice that NEITHER of those two situations stated  "and if you show up without an agent!".  Fact is agent pay is built into their overall community overhead, so they don't pass on any "savings" to the buyer who shows up unrepresented.  That buyer is paying for representation whether or not they have any of their own.

If you walk in the model and order a home from the major builders, it's a la carte pricing, minus any promotional incentives.  Don't like the final price?  Decide what you can live without until the home's price meets your budget.

On the other hand, if the builder has a finished home (either because they built it as a market speculation home or because the buyer couldn't complete the sale on a build to order home), THAT is the time you and your agent can possibly get a seriously good deal on a home.  The builder wants to free up their capital, and selling that home is the fast way to do so.  The longer that home has been completed and not sold, the more likely the builder will be willing to negotiate on that asking price.

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