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Want To Sell Your Home? Pictures REALLY Matter!

If you want to sell your Cincinnati area home, (or a home anywhere in the country for that matter), the pictures that represent your home are crucial!

You've looked online and you know you've seen it:

  • A home for sale with ZERO pictures (even though it's been on the market for a day or two or more)
  • A home with just an exterior shot and hey, is that a car mirror in the bottom corner?  Why yes, I believe it is!
  • A home that you just can't make heads or tails out of the home's layout, and there's no written description that helps.  Is that room on the 2nd floor or in the basement?
  • A home with pictures of pets and people!  Seriously, they'd better not convey with the property!
  • A home with pictures that just might be offensive!  Seriously, we're in Buckeye country and you want to flaunt your maize and gold man cave??
  • Photos that are so dark you'd swear you were in a haunted house!
  • Photos that are blurry!  Is the agent Mr. Magoo??

You get the drift, right?  Photos can be a real deal killer because with bad photos buyers lose interest (or worse yet, never get ANY interest in the home).  Pictures being worth a 1000 words and all that, and bad pictures tell a really terrible story.  It was a dark and stormy night....


all spiffed up and ready to sell!


Seriously, don't you as a home owner deserve better?  You're proud of your home!  You spend MAJOR bucks spiffing up the kitchen and the baths and the landscaping outside.  And that outdoor kitchen and paver patio, and that movie room?  What buyer wouldn't LOVE all that you've done?  If only you can get them to LOOK at your home and get that great first impression online!

So one of the key questions you have to ask your prospective listing agent(s): 

Who shoots the pictures for your homes for sale?

And immediately followed by that you want examples of their work.

While it's not necessary for a professional real estate photographer to take the pictures (some agents have all the gear and know how to use it), you do need someone that has the gear AND the eye for knowing where to stand and how to take the best shots to show off a home.

And if they're like the professional photographer that we hire to shoot our listings, they'll be pretty demanding, and that's a REALLY good thing!

Before our photographer visits a home to shoot the photos, she provides our sellers a list of preparation work to do.  That's a win-win, she can come in and with only minor adjustments take the photos that will make your home appealing to Cincinnati home buyers.  And she can quickly provide them to us to pick out the best of the best for us to use in our marketing.

And that also means that within minutes of your home going live in MLS, we'll be attaching photos to make sure buyers see your home for what it is as soon as they see it the very first time. 

Great first impressions lead to showings, and showings lead to offers, and offers lead to a contract and a SOLD sign in your yard!  And it all starts with great photos!


Need advice on selling your Cincinnati area home?  That's what we're here for!  Just give us a call at 513-520-5305 or email  We look forward to hearing from you! 

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