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I'm Not Trying To Be Rude, But I Just Have To Ask...

When I first talk to a new potential client, I'm going to have to broach some subjects you might find rude.  Topics that if I don't approach smoothly just might irritate you a bit if you don't understand the WHY behind the questions.

No, I'm not going to ask you where you are on the political spectrum, how much money you make or anything like that.

But there are some real estate fundamentals I have to cover to make sure that we establish a proper working relationship and that I can actually help you achieve your real estate goals.

First, I'm a real estate agent monogamist.  You're either working with our team and ONLY our team, or we're not working together.  I'll show anyone our own listings, but if you want me to rep you as a buyer, I don't work as part of a posse of agents.  You get my loyalty, my time, my expertise and everything else I can bring to the table, but it's an exclusive relationship.  We'll cover that in more detail the first time we meet in person.

I'm going to cover how I get paid.  Yes, it might seem gauche, but if I don't ensure you understand, I can put in a lot of work and THEN another agent gets the paycheck.  And it's my fault if that happens if I didn't explain it.  If I explained it and you do it anyway?  Well that's on you.

I'm going to ask you how you plan to pay for a home.  Cash?  Great!  Financing?  That's good too, especially if you've already gotten a preapproval letter.  Why do we ask?  So we take you to homes you can actually buy if you love them!  Some homes are off the table because no matter how well I can negotiate on your behalf, I'm not going to get THAT much off the price, or they're off the table because your financing type (e.g. FHA) isn't eligible to buy that home.

I'm going to cover other process fundamentals.  You may be an experienced home buyer, or this may be the first time you've done this since you bought your last home 45 years ago.  I'll adjust how deeply we go based on our conversation.

Part of my job is to provide you honest feedback, and sometimes you may not like the message even when I try to package the message as politely as possible.

Again, there's never an intent to be rude on my part.  It's not how I do business.  But it is essential we talk and that you and I are both on the same page throughout the home buying or home selling process. You have questions?  Just ask, it's what I'm here for!


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