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A Bzzzy Sunday Afternoon

Today was a busy day with a planned meeting with new patio home buyers and a look at a lot of land for a possible listing.  But that's not all we did, as we provided a new home for thousands and thousands of....bees!

We've watched a wild hive of honeybees in a hickory tree near our home for years.  Some years we've seen the annual swarm and last year we almost had a beekeeper come out in time to collect them into a hive.  But we just missed them as they departed off into the woods about an hour before his arrival.

So this year we were going to be ready for the swarm.  We attended a local beekeeping class recently and ordered a new full sized hive and all the gear we needed.  We also arranged with the beekeeper to set up and sell us what is called a "nuc" box.  Basically it's a five frame box that can be used to catch a hive.  Add some lemongrass oil to the box and it mimics the queen bee's pheremones.  The hive was strapped to the back corner of our deck and sure enough within a few days we had bees scouting out the nuc box!


Apparently they took back good reports to the main hive because when they swarmed on April 19th they headed straight to the nuc box and shortly after arrival moved in!

This afternoon we'd arranged with the beekeeper who is mentoring us to come over and transfer the bees from the nuc box to our freshly painted main hive.  Liz donned the full suit and gloves and got right in there while I watched nearby with a hat/veil to make sure I didn't get stung in the face (been there, done that as a kid with my grandfather's bees and it wasn't fun!). 

We set up the main hive and Scott smoked the bees in the nuc box, taped the entrance shut for the transfer over to the new hive and shortly after started transferring the frames from the inside of the nuc box to the main hive.  And those bees had been quite busy, with plenty of fresh honeycomb and stored nectar!  We even saw the queen bee as he moved in the frames!

The bees are all settled in and we'll add some more levels to the hive as the colony grows!  And who knows, perhaps next year we'll add another hive or two!  It's a win-win, it's good for the environment, good for our large flower garden and good for the area farmers as the bees have a decent range from the hive!

So now at our home it's dogs and cats and fish and bees...oh my!


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Today was a busy day with a planned meeting with new patio home buyers and a look at a lot of land for a possible listing. But that's not all we did, as we provided a new home for thousands and thousands of… bees! We've watched a wild hive of… more
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