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I'm Paranoid About Your Home's Security, And That's A Good Thing

We work with both Warren County home buyers and sellers, so I have the perspective of both sides of the real estate coin.  I HATE to get a call from one of our sellers telling us the front door was left unlocked or that the lock box was left open.  For us, it's Real Estate 101.  Unless the showing instructions tell us differently, we leave the home locked up and the way we found it. 

I'm downright paranoid about showing a home with my buyers and leaving a door unlocked when we're done.  If I get that nagging, questioning feeling in my head I'm going back to check the basement, garage, back and side doors again.  And frankly, some doors ARE a bit challenging to lock up.  You know the ones, those patio/deck doors that you have to pull the lever up, flip the bolt, put your left foot in the circle and shake it all about to lock?  Yeah, those doors!

And sometimes, I CANNOT lock the door so I'll call the listing agent to let them know.  The sliding door that won't latch because the mechanism is busted, or that foreclosed property where someone decided to kick in the door?  Not much I can do in either case.

Now if you're selling a home, there's a few things you can make sure you and your listing agent do to help keep your home secure and make the experience a bit better for the buyer's agent and the buyers:

  • Make sure your locks work, and work easily, and work on ALL your doors.  If you have to fight and jiggle the key just so to get it to work, it's time to either call the locksmith or replace the lock.
  • Don't have the security system ON unless you REALLY have to!  Few things I dread worse than the showing instructions providing a 5 step process for deactivating the alarm and trying to find out as soon as I step in the door whether the alarm panel is REALLY where it is supposed to be?!!  And the police can show up pretty quickly if we trip the alarm, and that's one conversation I don't want to have!
  • Put the lockbox where it can be found easily!  And actually reached easily, rain or shine.  A black lockbox in the direct sun gets pretty toasty hot.  A lockbox hanging from the tree limb 6 feet up can be tough to find AND access. 
  • Put away the small stuff that would appeal to little kids.  I promise I'll do the best to keep an eye on everyone in the house, but if you leave something sparkly out, a little kid might pocket it before anyone knew it had even caught their attention.   And that collectible that looks like a toy?  Best to get that well out of reach too.  Kids are fast, aren't they?

I definitely want to leave your home at least as safe as I found it. 

Questions about buying or selling a Warren County area home?  Just give us a call at 513-520-5305 or email and we can discuss how we can best help you!

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I'm Paranoid About Your Home's Security, And That's A Good Thing
We work with both Warren County home buyers and sellers, so I have the perspective of both sides of the real estate coin. I HATE to get a call from one of our sellers telling us the front door was left unlocked or that the lock box was left open. … more
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